Authors Elite Dangerous: Odyssey told of settlements

Studio Frontier Developments continues work on Odysseys addition to the Elite Dangerous space simulator. And in the new question-and-answer session of the development and told details about one of the key innovations of addon, settlements. Planetary outposts can be both active and abandoned or in a state of war.

Usually the settlements are well protected, and in case of an attack they will throw more reinforcements. To capture the outpost, you will first have to find a way to disable its protection.

Otherwise, even carpet bombing may not be successful. But if the settlement is completely destroyed, it will not remain so forever: gradually the inhabitants will return to it, and eventually it will be revived.

Every settlement belongs to a certain faction, and all inhabitants and their missions are associated with it. However, on terminals you can find errands from other factions of the system.

In addition, the ports and border outposts can gather a variety of travelers and merchants. Release Elite Dangerous: Odyssey recently postponed until the end of spring.

But pretty soon the developers are planning to start alpha testing it. More on Igamania Return of Scott Pilgrim vs.

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