Authors of God of War: Ragnarok on history: We didnt want to spend 15 years on a trilogy

God of War 2018 creator Cory Barlog explained why the authors decided to end the โ€œNordic sagaโ€ in a new part. According to the author, the developers just didnt want to spend the whole 15 years on making a trilogy because projects like this are not fast. One of the main reasons is that we did the last part for five years.

How many will go for the second one, I dont know, but Ill assume about the same amount. Cory BarlogAccording to Barlog, if the developers had decided to make another game about Kratos northern adventures, it would have taken another five years.

And spending all this time on a single plot seems like an override to the author, especially since it can make the story too stretched. In addition, Barlog did not want to make players wait that long, so in a discussion with Ragnarok supervisor Eric Williams immediately suggested finishing the story in the second game.

We were basically trying to tell the story of Kratos and Atreus from the very beginning, the real engine of the story was their relationship and the complexities caused by them. Cory BarlogBarlog compared the consequences of the characters actions to circles on the water โ€” there can be an infinite number of them if desired, but then the story will lose focus.

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