Authors of Kena: Bridge of Spirits talked about creating a heroine

The creators of the adventure Kena: Bridge of Spirits talked about how they created the appearance of the main character. At first, Vanchana โ€œVicโ€ Intrasombat worked on the design, with whom the creators used to be busy with commercial projects. But this time the artist had no limitations, and he tried to come up with something new.

Ken was still very young at the start, but with the development of the story and mechanic, the developers decided that she needed to grow up, as a mentor requires life experience. The character was transferred to 3D format by Rodrigo Gonรงalves, who developed a prototype of the character and then experimented with the technology of capturing parts of the body in real time โ€” hair and so on.

The creators changed course of the game‘s development several times, in the process learning Alpha Cards technology and improving textures. In the end, they came to the model of Kena’s hair, which seemed perfect for them โ€” the same attention was paid to the clothes.

In particular, the garments can be seen with sweatings that hint at past adventures and the like. And the patterns on the staff and decorations refer to the character of the tradition-respecting heroine.

And after she was connected to the animation, Ken came to life. There were so many animations in the game that the creators even compiled their library from them.

The release of Kena: Bridge of Spirits is on September 21 on PS4, PS5 and PC. More on Gamemania Ships and Resources โ€” New Details Skull & Bones 3D Pulse Headset Will Get New Coloring Next Month Steam Deck Devkits Are Shipping Already developers.