Authors of “Major of Thunder” wont get money from screenings in online cinemas

The founder of Bubble publishing house Artem Gabrelyanov began to tell interesting facts about the film Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor on Twitter. The most discussed was the first fact about the financial side of the picture – according to Gabrelyanov, the creators of the film will not receive a penny from views of the picture in online cinemas, so You can support the creators only by going to traditional cinemas. We won‘t get a ruble from views on streaming platforms, so if you want to support the film, go to the cinema.

Since last year, the promotion of the film is actively engaged in KinoSearch HD, on which over time and should take place an online premiere of the picture – from the words Gabrelyanov does not it is excluded that Yandex has already paid a fixed price for the release of the tape before the premiere. Upgrade.

In the commentary for DTF, the representative of KinoSearch confirmed that the platform acts as an investor of the film — that is, it not only helped with the promotion, but also invested own money. The company cheers for the success of the filmit doesn’t matter, in cinemas or online .

For a week and a half rental fees Major of Thunder slightly exceeded 200 million rubles at a budget of about 600 million rubles. The picture is already called a high-profile failure, because of which the network actively agitate viewers to give the film a chance.

The creators of the film today published a scene with Loki from Marvel, who indirectly calls people to watch the Plague Doctor. More on Gambling Rumor: the canceled animated series on Star Wars will be released on Disney+ Tom Hiddleston hinted that the essence of Loki is reflected in the logo of the series You are no victim! : the debut trailer for the second season of Mythic Quest is released.