Authors of Outriders reduced the likelihood of all items disappearing from inventory

Developers from People Can Fly studio said they applied additional preventive measures to the Outriders servers to prevent all items from disappearing from playersinventory. According to authors, the change should significantly reduce the likelihood of a problem, but the developers will continue to take additional countermeasures and monitor players’ complaints. In the coming weeks the authors intend to carry out a one-time mass recovery of the inventory of those who suffered due to the error.

The exact date and time will be announced later. In this case, authors will be able to recover only the most valuable items (for example, epic and legendary rarity), recovered items can get different from original characteristics, and the recovery will not replace the current inventory of the players.

Also the developers cited a potential method to secure their inventory. Players need to immediately shut down the game and start it again as soon as they notice the disappearance of the equipment.

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