Authors of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One detective revealed an introductory sinematic

The creators of the adventure detective Sherlock Holmes Chapter One have shown the games introductory Cinematic. In the video, young Sherlock Holmes suffers from seasickness and his friend John advises him to take from the ailment ginger. The characters also discuss the ships captains infidelity and their journey, which aims to visit Holmes mothers grave.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will be released on November 16 on Xbox Series, PS5 and PC (Steam, EGS, GOOG). As for the Xbox One and PS4 versions, they will come later.

Earlier, the authors published a trailer dedicated to the battle system. More on Gamemania 17 billion bullets and 95,000 tornado jumps: Battlefield 2042 Beta results Final installment of Attack on Titans to begin release January 9 Disney hints for some news about Star Wars games.