Authors of The Amazing American Circus release story trailer and delayed release

Polish studio Juggler Games and publishing house Klabater announced the postponement of the release of the card battler with management elements of The Amazing American Circus. And the delay is noticeable: instead of May 20, the game will be released only on August 12. In addition to the desire to improve the overall quality of the game and finally polish it, the developers also call another reason for the transfer: certifying console versions.

As you know, this process is not always fast and simple. Players looking forward to traveling to the world of the American stray circus of the late 19th century, from May 20 will be able to take part in an open beta -testing the game.

Fragments of the first four locations will be available to them. All the details will be told a little later.

And while the authors of the game released a plot trailer, in which showed the historical situation of America of the โ€œgolden ageโ€ and the hero who decides to throw challenge the legendary entrepreneur Phineas Taylor Barnum, making his circus-chapito the most famous and successful. More on CCeit Russian slasher Demon Skin comes out on consoles 30 September Authors Rogue Lords explained how to deceive opponents Now officially: Burning Crusade Classic is out 2 June.