Authors of the hand-drawn Hoa platformer showed the passage of Forest

Publishing house PM Studios and independent studio Skrollcat released an eight-minute recording of the passage of the adventure platformer Hoa. And Skrollcat co-founder and art director Hoa commented on the level of โ€œForestโ€ . The creators of Hoa describe their game as a beautiful platformer puzzle with breathtaking landscapes drawn by hand, with beautiful music and a peaceful atmosphere.

Our task is to take the heroine Hoa โ€œwhere it all started. โ€ Apparently, we do not expect many dangers and fights.

Most creatures living along the way are nice and friendly, and willing to share their stories. The puzzles are predominantly based on research, and the gameplay should give us a feel for children.

Hoa is released on RS and Nintendo Switch in April. More on Gambling In T-Minus 30 strategy we have to get off Earth in half an hour Patch 9.

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