Authors of The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante announce Mother of All Secrets

The Tomsk studio Sever, which we remembered after the release of the story-based role-playing game The Life and Sufferings of Mr. Brante, and 101XP have announced a new joint project. The mystical role-playing adventure Mother of All Secrets will be released on Steam in 2022.

Players will play the role of the Dweller of the House, a young tutor of a secluded orphanage. Its contents are preparing for a visit by a mysterious guest, which is two weeks away.

And all of these fourteen days we have to spend uncovering the secrets of the shelter, making friends and enemies, and creating our own story. In the course of the game, we have to play our cards — they represent all of our abilities, objects, and even relationships.

But our opponents will have their own cards, which can negate our efforts. And the hero will have to learn someone elses intentions, influence personalities, and thus change their decks.

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