Authors of The Medium told what the heroine is up to

Polish studio Blober Team continues to give details about their upcoming game The Medium. Earlier in a special video, the developers explained the choice of art style and color palette of the two game worlds. And now we talked about the classes of the medium.

Marianne, the heroine of The Medium, has a unique ability to move to the other world. There, she can find spirits who have been lost on the way to the afterlife.

She is the only one who can help them with the transition, and this eventually becomes the main thing of her life. Besides, Marianne has hypersensitivity in the real world as well.

She can guess where a key object or secret is hidden. It is also able to awaken the โ€œmemoriesโ€ of items to learn more about the events of the past.

In addition, developers have updated the system requirements of the game. The new infographic shows many more possible RC configurations for a wide variety of graphics levels and support for new technologies.

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