Authors of The Outlast Trials revealed the first concept art

Studio Red Barrels, from which Outlast 3 was expected to announce, said in late 2019 that it was working on co-operative horror survivor The Outlast Trials. And now in their official twitter, the creators of the game published its first concept arts. The art shows a model of one of the types of enemies.

As we remember, the action of the game takes place during the Cold War, at the Murkoff Corporation‘s research base. We have to become participants in experiments on the human mind: scientists are testing methods of brainwashing and consciousness control.

So far, The Outlast Trials do not even have an approximate release date. But the developers boasted of the studio’s growth: it had only 10 people in the period of work on Outlast.

Over Outlast 2 worked twice as hard, and now Red Barrels have doubled the staff once again: The Outlast Trials make 40 employees. More on CCeit Authors Chernobylite began to tell the mythology of the game Twitch a new record: more than two billion hours of views in a month The Polish government did not support Polyslash, Movie Games, Anshar and Klabater.