Authors of The Outlast Trials tell us what awaits us in co-op horror

The developers from the Red Barrels studio gave an interview with PlayStation in which they spoke more about their new horror series The Outlast Trials. The abrupt transition from single horror to multiplayer The game may seem like a pretty unexpected solution for Outlast, but the studio does not hide that it wants to challenge themselves in the future. Below we put together the most interesting interview of Red Barrels: The Outlast Trials have been postponed until 2022 โ€” more rework time is needed; it will be possible to play in co-op or alone; Merkof consists of a dozen warehouses, connected by underground tunnels.

A life-size location from the outside world is recreated in each room. The art style is similar to previous games in the series: distorted realism, decadence, and naturalistic display of violence; If previous studio games could be compared to films, The Outlast Trials is a series in which the journey to survival and freedom will be long; Trying to survive, players will become acquainted with many strange, dangerous and violent characters โ€” the same victims Merkof, like you, that will prevent you from completing the program; In between trials, players return to the Bedrooms where you can relax and chat with Merkof staff โ€” you can get the items you need for the next test.

The first two parts of Outlast were created on the Unreal Engine 3 engine, but for The Outlast Trials chose Unreal Engine 4; Regarding the features of gameplay on the PS5, the developers excited about the possibilities and hope to be able to report it more. The Outlast Trials is due to reach PC, both PlayStation and Xbox in 2022.

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