Authors of The Sims 4 decide to revise the content of the Spa Day set

EA released the โ€œSpa Dayโ€ game set to The Sims 4 life simulation in July 2015. And now unexpectedly decided to revise it, adding new content. The update will be released on September 7 and will be free for all owners of the extension.

Recall that buyers have the opportunity to build a spa in town or create a relaxation environment and recuperating Sims right at home. The set included a sauna, massage tables, mud baths, yoga and meditation classes.

The kit will now provide additional options. A manicure, pedicure and face mask will be available in salons, while the shape and design of nails will allow you to choose independently.

The spa visit will be welcome and helpful for sims with character traits โ€œHigh Requestsโ€ and the life goal of โ€œSoul Balanceโ€. Healthy lifestyles fans will be able to fulfill the goals of โ€œZen Teacherโ€ and โ€œSelf-Care Specialist.

โ€ In addition, yoga classes and healthy lifestyles will now be available to children. More on Game Project Winter in September will be released on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch Wine or Beer: Farm Manager 2021 released a free Rainbow Six Siege add-on got a story Crystal Guard trailer with Osa operative.