Authors of The Sims 4 told details about Paranormal set

The other day, Maxis studio announced another addition of content for its simulator of life The Sims 4. And now I told a number of details that prove that buyers of the set โ€œSupernaturalโ€ will receive not only the next furniture and odnogi, but also new gameplay possibilities. the emotion of Paranormal Stuff Pack would be fear.

Sims in a state of fright will perform various rash actions: for example, run with screams, infecting their mood of others. To resist attacks of fear, the game will appear a character trait โ€œBraveโ€.

A new type of site will be chosen in the same way as compact houses, when building. Haunted houses will live up to their name: little ghosts will settle in them.

They are nice enough, and you can make friends with them if you understand what they want. As a reward, they will prepare the owners modest gifts.

However, it is normal to feel themselves in the cursed house only brave Sims. By the way, you will have to light special candles, conduct spiritualistic sessions and seek help from exorcists.

But such activity will not have to the liking of ghosts. Content pack The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack is released on January 26 on RS and consoles.

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