Authors of The Unholy Society announce Lovecraft Rogel Theatre of Sorrows

Studio Cat-astrophe Games, known for retro adventure The Unholy Society and foodtruck Arena cooking races, have announced their new game. In creating a Lovecraft adventure with elements of the Theatre of Sorrows bagel, they are assisted by MobilWay, a subsidiary of PlayWay, which is her debut project. In the two-dimensional horror story Theatre of Sorrows Sorrows our hero Killian has to go to the mystical island of Ash in search of his sister Eileen, who has fallen into the clutches of cultists.

They will have to wade through unknown territory, which changes every playthrough and is full of eerie secrets. Players have to manage resources, make difficult decisions and heroic to resist the most different unclean and undead.

We will see turn-based battles with two dozen varieties of Lovecraft horror monsters. Theatre of Sorrows is due to be released on Steam on January 14, 2022.

This is probably the โ€œworkingโ€ date and the developers will specify it closer to the event. More on Gamemania Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality gets mixed reviews Authors of The Day Before announced co-op horror film Propnight Lesson Learned do under inspiration fromโ€ Bill & Teds Incredible Adventuresโ€.