Autumn sale started on Steam – we collect the main discounts

Steam started the annual autumn sale, which will last a week – until December 1. Traditionally โ€œIgromaniaโ€ studied offers and promotions, collecting the most interesting in a single list. If you find something interesting – be sure to report in the comments.

Death Stranding โ€” 1749 roubles DOOM Eternal โ€” 659 rubles Gears 5 โ€” 181 ruble Halo: The Master Chief Collection โ€” 471 ruble Star Wars: Squadrons โ€” 1499 rubles Hades — 372 rubles Resident Evil 3 โ€” 659 rubles Donut County โ€” 127 rubles Among Us โ€” 106 rubles Spelunky 2 โ€” 391 ruble Red Dead Redemption 2 โ€” 1674 rubles Sunset Overdrive — 125 rubles Phasmophobia โ€” 278 rubles Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice โ€” 1299 rubles Fall Guys โ€” 372 rubles The Sims 4 – 179 rubles Disco Elysium – 507 rubles Iron Harvest โ€” 868 rubles Divinity: Original Sin 2 โ€” 319 rubles Satisfactory โ€” 479 rubles Rainbow Six Siege โ€” 331 rubles Middle-Earth: Shadow of War โ€” 165 rubles Crusader Kings III โ€” 744 rubles โ€œAvengersโ€ โ€” 999 rubles. In addition, Valve has started the traditional collection of nominees for the annual Steam Award.

Nominations: โ€œGame of the Yearโ€ โ€œVR Game of the Yearโ€ โ€œFavorite Child of the Yearโ€ – the best game service โ€œFriend is known in troubleโ€ – the best cooperative gameโ€The most innovative gameplayโ€ โ€œThe best game that you dont giveโ€ – the best complex game โ€œSit backโ€ – the best meditative game โ€œBest Soundtrack » โ€œBest game with outstanding plotโ€. More on Igamania CD Projekt earned $44 million for three quarters of 2020 The game about James Bond from Hitman authors will be โ€œdynamicโ€ Watch Dogs: Legion a lot problems so online will only add in 2021.