Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora for PS4 mentioned on PlayStation channels

Ubisoft announced Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora for next-generation and PC consoles only, however in regional PlayStation commercials (Italy, Asia and Australia) listed and PS4. console is not mentioned only in the titles of the videos, but also in the video itself โ€” at the very end. And if the video name error could have been allowed by regional representatives, then the PS4 logo could only add Ubisoft itself to the video.

It‘s probably a mistake on the French publisher’s side. We hope to hear the company‘s comments soon.

Officially, the game by โ€œAvatarโ€ is claimed for 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series and PC. This is a first-person action game in an open world where players have to play as Na’vi representatives โ€” people act as villains.

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