Awkwafina: ‘Despite being famous anyway depressed’

Awkwafina has had a dark period. The actress, named Nora Lum, was struggling with depressive feelings. โ€œCelebrity does not heal depression,โ€ she tells Harper‘s Bazaar.

The actress is on the cover of the February edition of the magazine. In the interview she looks back on 2018, the year in which she achieved successive successes with films like Dude, Crazy Rich Asians and Ocean’s 8. โ€œEveryone said to me, just enjoy it,โ€ says Awkwafina.

But she found that very difficult. โ€œI wondered why I felt so down when everything went very well in my life. But I had no sense of identity at all.โ€ She denotes the feeling as a depresion. โ€œThat can take different forms in your life.โ€ Therefore, she could not enjoy the success of the blockbuster films. โ€œI was afraid this was how success had to feel. Was this the highlight I had been waiting for all these years?โ€

Last year, the actress was awarded a Golden Globe for her first leading role in The Farewell.