Ayfer Koรง, wife Pieter Omtzigt, stops as councilman CDA in Enschede

Ayfer Koรง, the wife of Pieter Omtzigt, will no longer stand for election in the municipal elections as a councilman at the CDA in Enschede. Koรง informs that in a statement on Twitter on Sunday night. She will remain on until the election to finish her stint as a councillor.

โ€œRecently, the events of the national CDA have been a tremendous struggle for me, partly due to the great personal impact on myself and my family. This means that I can no longer engage myself with enthusiasm, passion and conviction as a CDA representativeโ€, says Koรง in the statement.

The department chairman of the CDA in Enschede, Laura Pierik, announced in a response to ANP news agency that he understands Koรงs decision.โ€ There is tremendous respect for the way she has continued as a councillor for the CDA Enschede in recent months, despite the complex national situation,โ€ said Pierik.

Omtzigt announced its membership for the CDA in June after a conflict with the party. Koรง said he would stay on as a councillor in Enschede at the time. Earlier this week Omtzigt announced that he is definitely not returning to the CDA. However, he will return to the House of Representatives as an independent member of parliament.