AZ conducted group conversation without trainer Jansen: ‘Poku looked his eyes’

AZ has had a taste since the end of September: after the sweep against FC Twente (3-1), the Alkmaarders won Go Ahead Eagles (5-0), FK Jablonec (1-0) and SC Cambuur (1-3). Before the winning series, Owen Wijndal and Bruno Martins Indi initiated a group conversation, where hard words fell.
AZ trainer Pascal Jansen didnt know about the player meeting, but is happy about it. โ€œI only like that,โ€ he is quoted by De Cceit. โ€œWe speak to players as a staff about shared responsibility. The fact that the boys have sat down together and discussed a thing or two makes no more sense in my opinion.โ€
The conversation took place the day after the defeat at FC Twente. In that match, Timo Letschert caused two countergoals, after which the defender was switched for halftime and went home disappointed. โ€œBut Timo was also present in the conversation,โ€ says Jansen, who did impose a disciplinary suspension on Letschert. Seventeen-year-old Ernest Poku was also there. โ€œHe looked out to his eyes at what I heard.โ€