AZ does what it has to do and is sure of group win in the Conference League

AZ has been visiting Jablonec secured the eighth final of the Conference League. The Alkmaarders did not play a good match, but had enough point in the Czech Republic.
Prior to the game, AZ sovereign led in Conference League-poule D. Number two Jablonec, however, could cause the tension to come back to the group somewhat. Early in the competition, the Czechs did good business. Out of a free kick, Milos Kratochvรญl shot at the goal of AZ. Because the ball was touched, Peter Vindahl Jensen was on the wrong leg and couldn‘t intervene: 1-0.
AZ had to be in pursuit after that. However, trainer Pascal Jansen’
s team failed to get Jablonec into serious trouble. Yet AZ managed to bring the stand back to the same level at the moment of rest: Vangelis Pavlidis managed to reach Hรฅkon Evjen in the sixteen, after which the Norwegian punched a hit in the short corner.

At rest, @AZAlkmaar is coming along! Haakon Evjen makes its first European goal ๐Ÿ‘ #JABAZ #UECL
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) November 25, 2021

As a result, there was a 1-1 stand on the scoreboard during the break. After fifteen minutes in the second act, AZ got to deal with a setback: goalscorer Evjen got to handle a big kick and couldn‘t continue. Not much later, a nasty offense was also made on Owen Wijndal. Jablonec, however, was allowed to stay on the field with eleven men.
The home team did not take any initiative to score again. AZ sought the attack a little more, but it didn’
t become very dangerous either. Thus, the game in the Chance Arena ended in a 1-1 draw. That‘s a good result for AZ: the number twelve of the Premier League is now a group winner in the Conference League, placing it for the eighth final. The ‘intermediate round ‘doesn’t have to play AZ.