AZ gets away very well against ten Cambuur players and still has maximum score

AZ has barely managed to win on a visit to SC Cambuur. In a competition, which had little entertainment, the Alkmaarders got away well in the final phase: 0-1.
Last Thursday, AZ played against Gil Vicente, in Portugal, in a European context. In Leeuwarden, it was seen that the Alkmaarders still had that game in their legs. Pascal Jansens team looked uninspired and had a hard time finding opportunities. After half an hour, both teams were given their first opportunity in close succession. Cambuur striker Roberts Uldrikis hit the pole and out of the backlash Vangelis Pavlidis shot over at the direction of Dani de Wit.
Cambuur was then the better team for a long time. AZ closing post Hobie Verhulst was able to save from a distance shot by Mees Hoedemakers a rebound from Uldrikis, leaving the 0-0 on the scoreboard at halftime. Even after the break, Cambuur started as the better one and should have gained the lead via Uldrikis. In minute 55, the game overturned, due to a red card by Jamie Jacobs. After intervention by the VAR, the Cambuur midfielder received the red print, due to a charge on Jens Odgaard.
Michael Breij provided the most entertainment in the remainder of the competition. The Cambuur substitute was still full of energy and, much to the delight of assistant trainer Pascal Bosschaart, passed three AZ players. Mayckel Lahdo hit the bottom of the bar in the final phase and thus started AZ
s final offensive. In the last minute of official game time, Jordy Clasie Cambuur goalkeeper Virgรญnia, who mishandled the ball.

What that Lionel Messi or Michael Breij anyway?! The midfielder passes three men from AZ in an extremely beautiful way and is then taken down.62 โฑ #CAMAZ (0-0)
โ€” SC Cambuur (@SCCambuurLwd) August 28, 2022

Due to the narrow victory, AZ still has the full loot after three games. Cambuur cannot continue the 1-4 victory over Fortuna Sittรฉd last week. The Leeuwarders are in eleventh place after four duels with four points.