AZ loses valued employee to Scottish second level club: ‘Mproude’

Marijn Beuker (37), Head of Performance & Development at AZ, leaves Alkmaar for an adventure in Scotland. Beuker, who is seen as โ€œone of the leading figures when it comes to player development,โ€ is set to work at Queen‘s Park FC.
A remarkable move, as Queen’
s Park comes out at the second level in Scotland. The club is lyrical about Beuker‘s qualities and speaks of a ‘hugely exciting appointment‘. Queen’s Park is delighted to deploy his expertise in player development in Scotland. Beuker becomes Director of Football Operations at the club.
Beuker is seen as an โ€œinnovative thinkerโ€ when it comes to player development. His work at AZ was highly appreciated by his colleagues. Beuker was under contract in Alkmaar for fifteen years. During that period, AZ managed to grow into a club where several talents managed to break through from youth education.
โ€œI‘m proud to take this new step,โ€ says Beuker in a first comment on the Queen’s Park club website. โ€œThe club‘s ambition is to make a well-thought-out plan to make an impact in modern football in the coming years. That plan appealed to me tremendously. I see a lot of opportunities to achieve the goals with Queen’s Park. I‘m going to work on that together with the rest of the staff.โ€

๐Ÿค All the best, Marijn! ๐Ÿด AZ’s Head of Performance & Development starts at AZ and gets to work in Scotland. #AZ @AZJeugd
โ€” AZ (@AZAlkmaar) November 30, 2021