AZ plays a lead twice and leaves Denmark with point

AZ has failed to put the Conference League‘s first group game into profit. Danish Randers FC came back to a backlog twice: 2-2.
Early in the game it became clear that AZ didn’
t want to leave anything to chance and immediately went full on the attack. That soon gave Vangelis Pavlidis a chance after more than three minutes. However, a Danish leg prevented an Alkmaar goal.
AZ continued to keep the pressure on it and got pay to work after 24 minutes of play when Jordy Clasie shot a falling ball hard behind goalkeeper Patrik Carlgren. However, the AZ people were still in the clouds when Randers quickly put the 1-1 on the board. The Alkmaar defence was not sharp enough and that allowed Simon Piesinger to head the ball behind goalkeeper Peter Vindahl.
However, AZ quickly put things in order. Carlgren blocked Pavlidis, but the Greek was successful after that. Piesinger then shot at the pole, after which Pavlidis failed to make the 1-3. AZ was lord and master, but did not cross the line. In the second half, substitute Simon Graves made the equalizer.
In the final phase, AZ could have dragged another win out of the fire. In injury time, Zakaria Aboukhlal pushed the ball next to.