AZ records meager victory over Tuzla City and still has to go full next week

AZ has crossed the line in the first game with Tuzla City with a tight victory. Pascal Jansen‘s team was the better team in-house, but forgot to score more often and has to defend a 1-0 lead in Bosnia and Herzegovina next week.
Pascal Jansen’
s team started the game strongly and was allowed to go for a penalty kick after more than ten minutes. Sassuolo acquisition Jens Odgaard nicely overplayed the Bosnian defense and was then floored by the Tuzla City goalkeeper. Dani de Wit claimed the penalty and shot in well, giving AZ an early lead. AZ was the parent, but forgets to score more often in the first half. A long shot by Tijjani Reijnders went a meter and Milos Kerkez, who succeeds the departed Owen Wijndal, saw his shot burst on the bar.

โŒ›๏ธ So far, so good! โšฝ๏ธ 12. De Wit 1-0 (pen.) #AZ #aztuz #UECL
โ€” AZ (@AZAlkmaar) July 21, 2022

In the second act, AZ was eagerly looking for a second hit, but fewer opportunities were created than in the first half. Odgaard headed up close after ten minutes. Tuzla sometimes came out dangerous, but partly due to a strong performance by Bruno Martins Indi, the goal of the Alkmaar people remained clean. Fifteen minutes before, Mees de Wit entered the lines for Kerkez and Odgaard left the field for Myron van Brederode. Reijnders left the field just before Fredrik Midtsjรถ.
Dani de Wit got a big chance in the final phase, but his header went a meter over the intersection. AZ is failing itself by scoring only once and has to get the job done on June 28: then Tuzla City will play in-house. If AZ survives the diptych, Dundee United will wait in the third qualifying round of the Conference League.