Babel admires duo: ‘World of difference from my Ajax time’

Ryan Babel is very impressed with Ajax this season. The 34-year-old attacker sees that the Amsterdammers have a strong team and have a lot of individual quality. Babel thinks that trainer Erik ten Hag also plays an important role in success.
After four group duels Ajax is already sure of wintering the Champions League. In conversation with Ajax TV, Babel gets asked if he finds that bizarre. โ€œYou can call it bizarre, but it might also be expected,โ€ says the former player of the Amsterdammers. โ€œIf you look at the quality they deliver and compare it to the other teams they played against, then Ajax is much better. So I wasnt very surprised. This was just a confirmation.โ€
Why is Ajax European so successful this season, Babel thinks? โ€œIt is important that you have clarity as a trainer staff. Ten Hag has that, when I was allowed to participate, that was also the caseโ€, he refers to his rental period at Ajax in 2020. โ€œYou can now see that again. The new players who come to Ajax have to adapt as soon as possible. Ten Hag has a clear idea how he wants to play. If everyone does that, you can achieve very beautiful things.โ€
Babel also admires a number of players at Ajax. โ€œI can still enjoy Tadic. He
s also at a certain age, but when you see how fit and important he still is and how much influence he still has on the team… I can enjoy that. I know what we need to do to stay at level, so I respect that.โ€
โ€œI also see a good development at Ryan Gravenberch,โ€ Babel continues. โ€œI was able to experience him up close. Its a world of difference from back then. Hes playing much more stable now. Of course, he still has a lot of things that he can improve, but he is still young and has time. Hes doing well. I can actually list a lot of players. You can see that the team is very good as a whole. Everyone knows what to expect from each other.โ€