Babel explains to astonished Afellay: Didnt want to tell this

Ryan Babel gives text and explanation of his sneer towards Ibrahim Afellay. The Galatasaray attacker finds Afellay ‘no longer recognizable through his work as an analyst.
Babel and Afellay regularly played together in youth teams and large Orange. Babel is currently playing football at Galatasaray and Afellay is now active as an analyst. That‘s what Babel raped about in his song Open Letter. โ€œBro, I don’t know you from Barรงa, maybe more from PSV. Oh now you‘re analyst: hmmm, zozo. Heard in the corridors: you’re broke, broโ€, Babel said rapping. Afellay was โ€œamazedโ€ by his former teammate‘s lyrics. โ€œI can only be positive about Ryan. I experienced him in the Dutch team and I know him as a very nice boy.โ€
On Thursday night, Babel was a guest on a live stream of Kick’
t Net to talk about his new song. His line on Afellay became the subject of conversation. Babel wants to stay on the plain first, but still goes deep into the matter. โ€œLet‘s just keep it real,โ€ Babel begins. โ€œYou see such a person as your football mattie. You share things that a lot of people don’t know and talk about things people don‘t know. So you’re in confidence with each other, you know? Lots of footballers who quit become analysts. I don‘t judge, but I’m like: just stay yourself.โ€
Babel thinks Afellay doesn‘t. โ€œWhen he was a football player and we were in the Dutch team, he always looked up to the interviews. He tried to get out of it every time. Then you sit down at the table and assume a completely different identity. Then you’re just no longer recognizable. Not only do I thank you so much about that. I‘m talking for a lot of colleagues who are still playing football. Everyone looks at each other and wonder s: what happened to that man?โ€
โ€œIt wasn’
t actually meant to explain this,โ€ Babel continues. โ€œI‘m already seeing tomorrow’s headlines about this, and of course this didn‘t come out of nowhere. I didn’t get up overnight and thought, โ€œHey, I feel like dissipating someone. I‘m not like that.โ€

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