Baby dies during baptism ceremony

A six-week old baby died in Romania after a baptism ceremony in an Orthodox church. Help was no longer to benefit.

The baby was immersed in water in the baptismal font three times. After that, the child, unclear whether it is a boy or a girl, had a cardiac arrest. Urgent, the baby was taken to the hospital, but died there after a few hours. According to the autopsy, there was fluid in the lungs. The police have started an investigation.

After the death of the baby, a petition was launched to change the baptism ceremony. The petition has now been signed more than 59,000 times, CNN reports. Vladimir Dumitru started the action to collect signatures. โ€œThrough this petition, we want baptism to become symbolic by sprinkling water on the top of the head and not the full immersion of three times.โ€ The sprinkling of water on the head of a baby is common in the Netherlands.

A spokesman for the church says: โ€œThere is no doubt a tragic situation that needs to be investigated.โ€ According to the man, experienced priests always cover the nose, mouth and ears of a baby being baptized.