Babylons Fall Steam audience decreased to one player

While Square Enix and Platinum Games claim that they are determined to finalize the online action RPG Babylon‘s Fall, players continue to vote against the project โ€œwith their feetโ€ . Attendance games are falling more and more, and the other day an eloquent anti-record was recorded: on Wednesday, May 4, there was only one person in the Steam version of the game. According to SteamDB, over the past month, an absolute the maximum attendance was 223 people.

On average, approximately 64 players enter the game per day. And for all the time since the release, the maximum online has not exceeded 1166 people.

Recall that in addition to PC, the game is also available on PlayStation consoles. Console version attendance statistics are not published.

But anyone considering buying Babylon’s Fall is encouraged to check out the free demo on Steam first. More on Gambling James Gunn finished filming the third part of Guardians of the Galaxy Remote Life fantastic shooter is released on consoles May 27 Squadron 42 developers are busy bed linen deformation.