Bachelor New York City hopes for ‘slutty summer’

Single men and women in New York City are getting ready for a beautiful summer. Under the name ‘slutty summer’ the biggest plans are shared on social media to be able to realise when everyone is vaccinated in the summer.

The planned summer activities, also known as ‘the whoring ‘20s‘, should fade the Summer of Love from 1967.

If everything goes according to plan, New Yorkers aged 16 and over can be vaccinated. The bars and restaurants will reopen and the city will come back to life, writes New York Post.

โ€œ Summer in the theme of sexโ€

Serena Kerrigan, a New York person who organizes a virtual dating show on Instagram, is less fiddling around it: โ€œThis summer is about sex. Everyone will be vaccinated soon and everyone is tired of virtual dating.โ€

After more than a year of exchanging messages on Hinge and Tinder, the spontaneity of a ‘real‘ encounter will be preferable, believes Kerrigan. Almost everyone has an agreement after this pandemic: joy that freedom is back. โ€œHow happy are you that the pandemic is over? ‘ can become everyone’s opening line.

Dancing in the streets

According to Nicholas Christakis, sociologist, psychologist and teacher at Yale University, the sexual excesses after a pandemic are nothing new: โ€œIf you look at history, there is always a party at the end of a pandemic. When the bubonic plague was over, there was dancing on the streets.โ€

Yet Christakis sounds a little less optimistic than Kerrigan. The professor believes that we are not at the beginning of the end of the pandemic, but at the end of the beginning. It therefore calls for the measures to be respected.