Back 4 Blood authors promise disgruntled players to ‘fix’ Solo Mode

Back 4 Blood is set for release on October 12, but players have already expressed dissatisfaction with what‘s coming up. Reddit posted a screenshot of the warning that players wishing to use Solo mode receive. The single player campaign uses special decks where all cards are unlocked and none of having to spend points on them.

However, it’s impossible to earn them in a solo campaign either โ€” probably not to be so easy to farm them. In addition, the single player campaign cannot progress achievements and unlock Cosmetic items.

Singleplayer fans believe that such restrictions deprive the process of interest. They would be more than happy to earn card unlock points than to use everything ready, even though the number of points would be cut compared to the online version.

actually forces you to use online โ€” which can‘t be disabled even in single player mode. Turtle Rock reported that it noticed player dissatisfaction and will try to figure out how to do the controversial question.

But nothing specific developers have reported yet. Back 4 Blood is released on October 12 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5.

From the day of release, the game will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on both PC and console. More on Gamemania Riders Republic on PC to allow one day to play for free Apple asks for suspension of judgment in case against Epic Games Twitch blindfolded Jeff Bezos: the next hackers’ fundies?.