Back to Ajax? Suárez prefers to stay with Barça for the time being, if necessary on the couch

Ajax fans are already dreaming out loud about a return of Luis Suárez, but for the time being it seems to stick to dreams. The Uruguayan has reacted in the Spanish newspaper El Pais to a possible departure at FC Barcelona. “I can still be of great value to this club”, is the message of Suárez.

Suárez’s contract runs until the summer of 2021 and in the world of football that usually means two options: sign up or leave, so that the club can still earn something in the form of a transfer fee.

The second option seems the most likely, as FC Barcelona, under the leadership of the new coach Ronald Koeman, wants to start a big clean-up. With the exception of Lionel Messi, there would be no more room for the ‘vedettes by age’.

‘Not yet spoken to Koeman’

<33-year-old Suárez thinks it's his. "Nobody told me the club wants to get rid of me. If that's really Barcelona's wish, they'd better communicate it directly to me."

“I have the intention to stay”, the attacker insists. “I haven’t spoken to Koeman yet. But I would also have no problem if the new trainer would rather let me start from the bench. I settle into my role and accept that.”

The Catalan sports newspaper El Mundo Deportivo reports on Sunday about an exchange deal between Ajax and FC Barcelona. Donny van de Beek would then leave for Barcelona and Ajax would get Luis Suárez plus twenty million euros in return.

For the time being Ajax awaits the situation calmly, says trainer Erik ten Hag. “You are always looking for means to strengthen your team. Of course we talked about it, but it’s not a theme now.”

“You have moments when a player leaves and you have to get a replacement. But there are also players who provide an immediate boost. Suárez belongs to the latter category. If he wants to come, he’s more than welcome.”

Whether it comes to a transfer in the end or not, Suárez has finished with the opportunism of football. “Remember that Real Madrid lost to Ajax last year without a chance?” he says

“They couldn’t take any more of it. Luka Modric had to stop, Toni Kroos was ready and Sergio Ramos was a disaster and worth nothing anymore. Now the weather is phenomenal and they form a strong team. Unfortunately it’s always black or white…”