Backpack with bullets found searching for Jürgen Conings

In the search for Jürgen Conings from Belgium a backpack with ammunition was found, the VRT and the Belang van Limburg report.

According to the VRT, the bag with bullets was found near the spot where the car of the fugitive military was discovered earlier, near the National Park Hoge Kempen. The Flemish broadcaster writes that there are indications that the backpack belongs to Conings, but that justice does not let go of anything about it.

Conings has been searching for intermittently since mid-May, especially in the nature reserve along the Dutch border. Yesterday, a new search began, which was stopped upon the raids of darkness. The backpack was found yesterday, according to the VRT.

Heavy weapons

The Belgian soldier left a barracks 3.5 weeks ago with heavy weapons. He left a farewell letter with threats to the government, the army and virologists and wrote not to surrender without a blow.

According to the VRT, the bullets found dont match the kind of ammunition used in the weapons Conings took from the barracks.