Bad news for De Bruyne

On Saturday the European Championships will start with a match against Russia. Kevin De Bruyne won‘t be in action. On Thursday the midfielder himself informed King Philip of our southern neighbours.
King Philip visited the Red Devils on Thursday. At one point he was introduced to Kevin De Bruyne. The king asked him what it’
s like to play with a mask. โ€œThings are going much better. Sometimes I wear sunglasses, but that is not always possibleโ€, replied De Bruyne. That can be heard and seen on footage of the Le Soir.
The king wanted to know if De Bruyne could play effectively. โ€œI hope for the second matchโ€, De Bruyne said. Chances are that the Manchester City midfielder will not travel to Russia. On Thursday 16 June the Red Devils will compete against Denmark. After that, the duel with Finland will follow on 21 June.
The Bruyne got injured in the Champions League final. He suffered fractures in his left eye socket. The City midfielder later joined the selection of Belgium by playing the final.