BadComedians Chernobyl review blocked at request of three companies

Blogger Evgeny โ€œBadComedianโ€ Bazhenov reported a partial blocking of a bungled review of the Chernobyl tape by Danila Kozlovsky. In his rather long post Evgeny notes that the video was blocked โ€œfor a large part of the audienceโ€ of the blogger โ€” according to the attached screenshot, in some regions. Kanobu adds that the video is not available in 70 countries.

The statement also states that claims have been filed on behalf of three companies at once: Netflix, MPI Media and CPRagency. According to Bazhenov, โ€œall appeals and references to fair use are only supported by CPRagency.

โ€ Because the incident did not occur immediately after the video was published, BadComedian I am convinced that the real reason for the discontent (at least on the part of CPRagency) lies in the resentment against the negative tone of the review. Recall that earlier the producer of the film Alexander Rodnyansky called Bazhenovโ€ ; gopnikโ€, and his work is โ€œgarbageโ€.

But the developers of S. T.

A. L.

K. E.

R. 2 praised the new BadComedian review.

Despite the situation, the blogger urged the audience to be sane and asked not to insult all those who were involved create a ribbon. More on Gamemania Netflix has published new excerpts from the second season of โ€œThe Witcherโ€ โ€” the show has renewed Netflix unveils the trailer for the animated series โ€œArcaineโ€ in the League universe of Legends Heirs of Marvel authors sue Disney over rights to popular heroes.