Badr Hari loses with nosebleed and two knock-downs surprising from Adegbuyi

Badr Hari was unable to win the Romene Benny Adegbuyi at his return in the ring. The party went well for the Moroccan in the first two rounds, but in the third round it went wrong.

Hari was surprised by a few hard blows. After the first knockdown, he quickly bounced up again, but after the second, with his nose covered in blood, he shook his head and sat down.

That was the decision to the disadvantage of 36-year-old Hari who, partly because of the coronapandemic, fought his first party since his defeat against Rico Verhoeven in 2019.

When probing in the first round, Hari went down four times; Adegbuyi always conveniently paraded a stepping movement of the Moroccan. Halfway through the second round, things went wrong for the Romanes. After a few strong pulls of Hari there was a first knock-down to note.

Adegbuyi made it to the end of the round, but from that moment onwards looked at it. The jury ruled that the first two rounds were won by Hari. The fact that Hari did not survive the third round came as a surprise.

โ€œ I felt in the third round that the blows of him were softening,โ€ Adegbuyi said in a first reaction.

โ€œDont go to the bathroom.โ€

In the grandeur on the eve of the battle, Hari spoke confidently that the party would soon be over. โ€œThis is Real Madrid versus Heerenveenโ€, Hari compared his level with the Romeen.

Hari also looked beyond the fight on Saturday: he wants to win the world title at the expense of Verhoeven or Jamal Ben Saddik in 2021. But before that the audience puller should have taken the first hurdle on Saturday. Undoubtedly to the disappointment of organizer Glory, that was not possible.