Baldurs Gate 3 authors rolled back the first full-fledged patch and talked about the release

Baldurs Gate III came out in Steams early access a week ago and, according to the authors, exceeded all their expectations. Since then, the game has received several small updates that have significantly reduced the number of departures and increased stability. Now developers from Larian Studios have released the first full-fledged patch that again fixed some bugs Baldurs Gate III, including those that led to the games departure.

Soon after the patch was released, players began complaining that they could not download their save files. After investigation, the authors confirmed the problem and rolled the game back to the previous build.

The developers promised that they would fix the bug and release the patch again. In addition, the authors said that the day before the release the basement of their office in Ghent flooded, and soon after that the office in Quebec suffered from power outages.

And the power outage in one of the studios is already the third release of the contractor. Fortunately, only Larian Studios has five offices that were able to provide insurance to their colleagues.

However, already on the release of the server did not withstand the influx of registrations in the games launcher, and then from a huge influx of calls broke support. Finally, the developers showed a map of deaths.

It helps authors customize the combat system and make changes to the content. A satellite named Gail, for example, has died 333,757 times, four times as many as any other NPC.

Given the feedback, the authors can understand why players die in some places and whether it is normal it. In the future, developers promise to share additional game statistics with players.

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