Baldurs Gate III to release will change a lot โ€” even the first act

The head of Larian Studios, Sven Winke, in an interview with Destructoid, spoke about the developers plans to produce Baldurs Gate III. For about six months, the early testing phase has been ongoing, which recently expanded with a new class โ€” druid. According to Vinke, he and the team perfectly understand the audiences desire to quickly see the full version of the RPG, but such a big game takes a lot of time to produce.

Now Larian actively studies feedback and player data, sometimes even revising certain solutions – for example, if in a certain dialogue the majority chooses only a certain certain the answer option, then the scene can be redone for more variety. The same applies to the plot as a whole.

At the same time, developers are already afraid that they released too much of the game – some have played over 300 hours, because of which to the release of the full version of Baldurs Gate III they can & laquo; burnโ€ game. Work on the second half of the RPG continues – but do not expect it to appear at the stage of early access, as Larian wants to save surprises for a full release.

Yes, and use fans as testers โ€œdo not really wantโ€. At the same time, to the release of the full version, which can be delayed until 2022, even the first act will change a lot – to fans of Divinity: Original Sin 2 the situation will seem familiar.

However, Larian considers this a very successful and modern approach to production. Developers can analyze audience behavior and make more experimental and interesting data-driven decisions โ€” there is room for improvisation.

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