‘Baldwin heard gun was empty, earlier gun incidents at Rust’

Alec Baldwin thought he was holding an unloaded gun when he shot a camera woman on Thursday afternoon (local time). That would be evidenced by information released on the police investigation. Also, US media reports that similar shooting incidents had already happened on the Rust film set and that the production team did not listen to crew members concerns about this.

The 63-year-old actor was handed the gun by director assistant Dave Halls. He called that the firearm was cold, very common language to indicate that there are neither loose barkies nor patterns in it. Even Halls did not know that the gun was loaded with bullets, according to the police.

The first time Baldwin pulled the gun out of the holster, according to the Los Angeles Times, nothing happened yet. When he repeated that movement, he shot off an unknown number of bullets. He killed Halyna Hutchins, camera woman and director of photography, and injured director Joel Souza. Its been released from the hospital.

There had already been firearms incidents last weekend on the same movie set, anonymous sources tell the LA Times. The actor doing the stunts for Baldwin also accidentally fired two bullets on Saturday, the sources state. He too had been told that the weapon was cold .

โ€œThere should have been an investigation into what happened,โ€ says a member of the film crew. โ€œThere was no exclusion that it would happen again. But they just wanted us to work through,โ€ the person refers to the production people.

Three previous incidents

Such unintentional shooting incidents would have happened at least three times already. At least, an employee wrote to the production team in a message the newspaper has seen. Baldwin is not only one of the protagonists, but also a producer of the film.

Heres the movie set where it happened:

A few hours before the fatal shooting accident, some members of the camera team had run away from the set in protest against working conditions. The stringent security protocols would not have always been followed.

Experts already told deCCeit that firearms scenes are normally prepared extremely carefully.

Internal Research

โ€œCrew safety is our top priority,โ€ says production company Rust Productions in a statement. According to the company, the official gun safety complaints were not known. There will be an internal investigation into the incident. The production of the film has also been shut down.

The person responsible for the firearms on set is Hannah Gutierrez according to police investigation. The so-called armorer was not reachable for comment, according to US media.

The information released makes it clear that at least Baldwin has not been charged with the fatal incident. Yesterday, the actor announced via Twitter that he is heartbroken by the events. โ€œI have no words for my shock and sorrow at the tragic accident that took the life of Halyna Hutchins, a wife, mother and our highly valued colleague.โ€