‘Bale hopes for World Cup with Wales and is ready to move to Championship ‘

Striking news from England and Wales: Gareth Bale would think about leaving for the Premier League or the Championship should Wales place for the Qatar World Cup through the playoffs. In addition, it is not excluded that he will work at Swansea City or Cardiff City.
The Athletic and Sky Sports report that. Wales is playing in the playoffs for a World Cup ticket against Austria and should that diptych be won, there is another double confrontation with Ukraine or Scotland.
Should Wales actually make it to the World Cup, Bale wants to do everything in its power to stay fit towards the final tournament. However, his contract with Real will expire after this season. The attacker would love to move to the Premier League or Championship. Bale would have ears for short employment at Swansea or Cardiff, two clubs from his native country.
Should Wales fail to reach the World Cup, it is not ruled out that Bale will end his career as a professional football player.