Bali airport open to some tourists, five days quarantine

Bali airport will receive international flights again from Thursday after months. After arriving in Indonesia, five days of quarantine is mandatory, three days less than before. Visitors from nineteen countries are welcome, including China, India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and a number of countries from Western Europe and the Gulf region.

The island very popular with tourists has been close for months to foreign travellers due to the corona pandemic, but the number of infections in Indonesia has fallen steadily in recent weeks. Bali‘s tourism chief does not expect a large stream of tourists in the coming days. โ€œThe timing is too abrupt,โ€ he said according to the Bali Post. โ€œMaybe we’ll see more tourists coming in November.โ€ The airport does not expect international flights in the short term according to the schedule.

Foreigners from the nineteen countries can once again apply for a tourist visa for Indonesia, according to the government a step towards national economic recovery.