Balkan metroidvania Marko: Beyond Brave passed Kickstarter

The independent Bulgarian studio Mechka, founded in 2016, successfully completed the Kickstarter campaign of its debut game, Marko: Beyond Brave. For success developers needed to raise about 18. 5 thousand dollars.

By the final, nearly $27,000 was on the bill, and this allowed the first additional target to be unlocked. The game will appear as Boss Baba Yag with his own location.

Marko: Beyond Brave is a hand-drawn two-dimensional metroidvania based on Balkan folklore and Slavic myths. Our hero Marco will have to explore the epic fairy world of Zagora, fight the spoilt creatures and find himself at the center of an ancient conflict as a world.

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. The deadlines have not yet been announced as developers want to concentrate on quality.

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