Bandai Namco founded GYAAR Studio, which will work on indie games

Bandai Namco announced the formation of the independent gaming label GYAAR Studio. His first project will be Survival Quiz CITY โ€” a survival quiz in the style of Fall Guys, which will be published by Phoenixx Inc. Creating GYAAR Studio, Bandai Namco was putting in front of the task of bringing together young people, who will be first – class professionals in the future.

The company intends to give them the opportunity to express their ideas freely. The name of the studio GYAAR was taken from the game Survival Quiz CITY, which features a character with the same name.

As such, the company wanted to capture the teams initial enthusiasm during the development of the first project. More on Gamemania Themed Costumes, Weapons and Emotions โ€” Halloween in Sea of Thieves New Anomalies and AI Changes โ€” Patch 3.

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