Bandai Namco set to host Tales of Festival 2021 live

Bandai Namco recalled its upcoming Tales of Festival 2021. And confirmed she was going to host it November 20-21 at Tokyo Garden Theater. While most of the game events moved online, the next Tales game festival is planned live .

Tales of Festival is dedicated to the projects of the famous game series Japanese role-playing games Tales. These games are not connected by the general plot and each time they tell a new story with new heroes in a new location.

The first part of the series, Tales of Phantasia, came out in 1995. Details about what awaits Tales fans at the upcoming festival, Bandai Namco will begin to tell tomorrow, on a special website dedicated to Tales of Festival 2021.

In particular, you can wait for news about the newest part of the series, Tales of Arise, which should be released this spring. Let us remind that during the online event Tales of Festival 2020 the company after a long time silence featured a trailer for Tales of Arise.

And the game should be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. More on CCeit The main poster and screenshots of the second part of DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Valheim and Russian Loop Hero topped the fresh chart Steam Gojet (Super Saiyan 4) will appear in Dragon Ball FighterZ is as early as March 12.

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