Bange Haaland: Im sneaky a little bit of joining Orange

Erling Haaland looks forward to the personal duels he will fight Norway with Virgil van Dijk during the Netherlands. Borussia Dortmund striker jokes that he is secretly afraid of the defender.
At a press conference of the Norwegian team leading up to meeting with Oranje, Haalands admiration for Van Dijk did not speak of chairs or benches. โ€œI think a lot of people in this room will agree with me when I say that Van Dijk is the best center defender in the world,โ€ Norwegian media signs out of his mouth.
s fast, strong and very clever,โ€ the striker continues his hymn. โ€œThese are three very important qualities for a player in his position. I think hes the best defender Ive ever played against, so well have to find a way to deal with that. Ive gotten better in recent years, but thats Van Dijk.โ€
Haaland jokes that he is even a little afraid of Liverpool
s strong stopper โ€œThe Netherlands is not only Van Dijk, even though he is their best player. It will be fun to play against him, but Im sneaky enough that he will play with the Dutch team.โ€