‘Barça announces Kluivert-news rap, Dutchman says goodbye to colleagues’

At the end of March, Diario SPORT started out with the news that Patrick Kluivert has to leave as head of youth education. The Dutchman is already ahead of his departure and this week says goodbye to the people in the youth training, says SPORT.

Joan Laporta, the new President of Barcelona, wants to appoint José Ramón Alexanco as the successor of Kluivert. Laporta hopes to make Barcelonas youth education one of the best in the world, and Kluivert has to leave the field for this. This week the Dutchman is saying goodbye to his colleagues at the club, as SPORT knows. Barcelona is expected to make the news official one of these days. So it seems that Kluivert is not going to finish the season.
Kluivert has been at the helm since July 2019 as Head of Youth Education in Barcelona. He was appointed by the former president, Josep Maria Bartomeu. Now that it has left, there is also an end to the period of Kluivert near Barça. Before his time as head of youth education in Barcelona, Kluivert was active as director at Paris Saint-Germain.