Barรงa doesnt have to fear despite tough conversations: super talent wants to prolong

Ansu Fati wants to renew his contract at FC Barcelona, Mundo Deportivo knows. Jorge Mendes, the business observer of the Spanish forward, is currently negotiating with the Catalan club. That‘s just less smooth than it was hoped.
s contract expires next summer. On Thursday it was announced that Mendes was consulting with his client about a contract extension. There are still a number of folds to be smoothed out before eighteen year old can join the left winger.
Mundo Deportivo now reports that Fati and his family still want nothing more than a contract extension at Barcelona. In the conversation with his agent, the four-time international would have made it clear. Next Sunday, a new meeting will be scheduled between the Fati and Barcelona camp.
The club actually wanted to announce Fati‘s contract extension in the same week as Pedri’s, but for now there is only an agreement with the latter. Barรงa does have the unilateral option to extend Fati‘s commitment for two years. That’s not what the Catalans want, though.