Barça fans demand departure chairman: ‘Doesn’t get any easier for Koeman’

Thousands of Barcelona fans gathered at the Camp Nou stadium on Tuesday evening – after the news that Lionel Messi wants to leave the club – to demand the departure of President Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Fans can’t stomach the fact that their star player, who has been playing in Barcelona for almost his entire career, is no longer satisfied. They hold Bartomeu responsible for that after a weak season with a lot of internal problems. For the first time in twelve years FC Barcelona did not win any prizes last season.

“It doesn’t get any easier for Ronald Koeman. It is a very restless period in Catalonia”, says correspondent Edwin Winkels.

A departure of Messi as well as Bartomeu would be bad news for Ronald Koeman. He would then lose his best player and the chairman who brought him in a week after his appointment.

‘Koeman authoritarian direction Messi’

Although according to the Spanish television channel Deportes Cuatro, Koeman did not do well with Messi himself. He is said to have behaved authoritarian in a conversation with the Argentinean.

“The privileges here are over for you. You have to do everything for the team. I’m not flexible about that, you just have to think about the team”, Koeman would have said.

An extra blow for Messi – after the 8-2 earwashing against Bayern Munich and a season without prizes – would be that his best friend Luis Suárez does not appear in Koeman’s plans and may leave Barcelona.