Barรงa-preses Laporta calls La Liga: Thats to be seen across Europe

Lionel Messi would like to continue at FC Barcelona, as President Joan Laporta assures. The Argentine contract ended a thick month ago, making it formally clubless at the moment. However, according to Laporta, theres a shot in the case.
On Monday, the presentation of Barรงa acquisition Emerson Royal at Camp Nou was scheduled. Laporta, who is also present, is asked by the press about the situation around Messi. โ€œWe do what we can,โ€ Barcelona
s preses responds. โ€œIts not quite solved yet, but theres a shot in the case. We will do what lies within the clubs ability to keep Messi here. He wants to continue at Barรงa himself, so much is possible.โ€
Laporta also makes a call to La Liga. He wants the competition to be less stringent for Barcelona. Due to the financial requirements of La Liga, Messi has still not renewed his contract in Catalonia. โ€œIf possible, we want to see more flexibility from La Liga. This is currently the case in other competitions across Europe.โ€