Barcelona finds unanimous support for Espai Barรงa project of up to 1.5 billion

FC Barcelona chairman Joan Laporta appears to be getting the Espai Barรงa plans through it. Club members unanimously endorsed the proposal at an extraordinary meeting of members, the club announced the day before El Clรกsico via the official channels.
Barcelona is deeply in financial problems, but still wants to refurbish and expand Camp Nou: the famous stadium suffers from numerous flaws, has recently been evident in an evocative report. The club now wants up to one and a half billion (!) euro to make this possible and thus at least has the support of its members. If the final plans are also approved during a referendum โ€” on a date to be determined โ€” Laporta will be able to work permanently.
The preses emphasizes that the Espai Barรงa plans are a crucial point in club history. โ€œWe need to take advantage of the opportunity to improve our club facilities. This is what we have to leave to our children and grandchildren,โ€ the club site notes. โ€œThe renovation of our facilities is an insurmountable necessity, to ensure the future and viability of Barcelona and not lose competition with our rivals.โ€
Laporta isnt afraid of the cost. โ€œSince the previous referendum in 2014, 145 million euros have been invested, but only five percent of all planned work has been carried out,โ€ it sounds. โ€œEspai Barรงa is a unique opportunity. It wouldnt be the end of the world if there were no support for it, but it certainly had complicated things for our club.โ€

Details of the Ordinary General Assemblys vote to approve Espai Barรงa financing ๐Ÿ‘‡
โ€” FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) October 23, 2021